Post-interview reflection


Last week I have conducted 5 video conference interview with participants selected as representatives of identified target consumer tribes.

I know these interviewees personally, so I estimated in which tribe they could belong, and it should have been confirmed during the interviews, I was wrong in 2 out of 5 cases, I should consider conducting one or two more interviews to ensure the tribal diversity of the participants.

Kasarna Karlin, newly-open venue, 10 minutes walk from Manifesto

Kasarna Karlin, newly-open venue, 10 minutes walk from Manifesto

Otherwise, I feel this was extremely beneficial, the strongest idea which came out of all 5 interviews is tied to blending the professional and personal life, I have run into this strategy while reviewing Gensler approaches but did not emphasize it in my design. Now it seems very important to include this in my further design process.

Another important finding is that in the neighborhood are two new venues with quite similar attitudes. It should be crucial to identify how can I diversify Manifesto.

I have questioned the participants about political and social debates which are important or sensitive at the moment And how do they think I should address them in the Manifesto. The general feeling is that politic sphere is extremely unsettled, first thought was that perhaps I should avoid political themes than to ensure the inclusiveness, but the participant opposed me with opinion that my target audience are mostly favouring the pro-European liberal movements, therefore I should not worry too much about supporting this political direction if I want to.

Environmental sustainability is a theme all the interviews are favoring, none of them is an active member of some movement but they consider this issue important, they would appreciate an active contribution through the venue if possible. Waste management, reuse and art exhibitions on the theme were mentioned.

The last outcome which was connecting all the interviews was a question of including a kids-friendly zone. There was one young mother in the participant group, others don't have kids yet. All participants agreed that they prefer to avoid areas crowded with children and chattering parents, even the young mother mention, she would not recommend doing this. Apparently, the noise and running are more disturbing in indoor zones, outdoor spacious venues are less of a problem.

All the interviews should be analyzed further, as there were many unexpected and potentially useful insights.