Preparing for user interviews

[Value of user interviews]

  • user expectations
  • local narratives
  • other potential purposes of the venue
  • idea generation on a topic of community experience

[Two types of users]

  • potential visitors of the venue (3-10 persons)
  • potential tenants/event planners (2-5 persons)


I will prepare a short visual presentation for the interviewees for them to picture the project and be able to react in a more precise manner. I will aim to do the interviews by a video conference call and hope to get some personal insight about Prague and its community today.


1. Šárka S.- active mum, very communicative person with experience in NGO´s. Lives in Prague

2. Zbyšek M. - manager in his thirties with a big interest in alternative street-based sports as parkour which is often connected to a tight community. Lives in Prague

3. Aneta T. - Online communication consultant with a strong focus on a financial stability for future, interested in investments and human relations- Travels in Prague often for business purposes.

Potential Questions

The interview is going to be outlined with these questions, open to discussion and introduction of personal experiences.

[Q1] How and where do you spend time in your professional life? Do you use public space in any way? (Meetings, work presentation, workshops, networking, dining, etc.)

[Q2] How do you typically spend your leisure time? Is there something you are missing in Prague or you would appreciate to be more accessible?

[Q3] Can you name 2 or 3 spots you appreciate and you dislike in Prague? Can you tell why?

[Q4] Do you have some remarkable experience to share?

[Q5] How about a community experience, do you feel you belong to some community? How do you connect with your peers?

[Q6] Would you appreciate to meet more likely minded people and connect with them? Why?

[Q7] Do you have some ideas what could bring this community together?

[Q8] Are you interested in local social, cultural or political debates?

[Q9] What exactly is your concern and do you think it needs more attention?

[Q10] How do you feel about communal sharing? You can consider all sorts of things as coworking, shared bikes, communal gardens, leftover fridges etc. Is there something that comes to your mind? What you think can work in a local environment or will never work?

Event planner

4. Martina Š. - the only woman working in 3D print business within the local market, yoga enthusiast, expecting to have an insight into local trends and tendencies. (Lives between Prague and Brno)