Research: Community Engagement

[Practice-led research on themes of enhancement of local experience in the urban environment through design. A postgraduate project in Interior design and architecture. A collaboration with Prague-based NGO.]


Urban Public Venue: Re-imagining community experience

Living in a bubble of busy urban life can disconnect us from the reality of our city on the very basic level of everyday interaction. In fastly developing cities it is becoming essential to preserve the human experience.



The Manifesto Market is a community hub with good-quality street food, showrooms of local artisans, an open public forum for cultural events and coworking space. It is located in the heart of Prague, on a neglected brownfield. The site has been foreseen for a building development in a horizon of a decade, in the meantime, the space is revived with temporary container installation developed by local NGO, Resite.



…a design case study fostering social life and well-being of our and future generations.

…a public venue shifting boundary between public and private, business and leisure; reflecting the ever-changing character of Prague.

….an open-minded professional hub, event space, and food destination.

[my mission]

The spatial design is a result of a collective effort, the locals, the development team and business partners.

My spatial design role represents a middleman between the architectural space and the local community. The discussions with the audience became an ultimate design tool on the mission of reflecting the ever-changing character of the city.


case study: Manifesto Market



Vintage travel style connects Manifesto Market to the neighboring historic train station. The reflection of old wagons translated into contemporary space in Anderson-like spirit bounded in raw transport containers. A quirky visual playing with metaphors and memories.

single work station gif.gif

[single workstation]

The single workstation container revisits the first class wagons, bringing on the board features of luxury traveling.


[silent workstation]

Private single workstation revives the tradition of bunkbed coupe and twists infamously provoking public transport fabrics into cozy warm bed-like cubbies. Materials, shapes, lighting, and signage resemble romance of old time traveling, but the spatial solution is designed to answer to today's demand.

silent work station gif.gif


Design concept, community engagement video


Social Responsibility in Design

Research essay on the notion of social responsibility in design, particularly spatial disciplines as architecture, urban planning, and interior design.